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Brand New Logo.

Many thanks To Adi Wood.


Hello. This is the site of the WOODEYE. Here you'll see all sorts of information about me, including intrests such as rock music photography and .....  Well if you wish to learn more follow the trail?

On this home page, I'll introduce the many paths that lead off from here.
First off I will state that I am a fan of The Stranglers not that I endorse such crimnal activities. You will see that I have a web page committed for them. You will also see a page dedicated to their tribute band called No More Heroes. I am also a fan of music from other areas, such as Alien Ant Farm, Queens Of The Stone Age, Air & Tori Amos.
When I get time I also like shooting photos, not that I have a gun that is. 
I will now leave you to read on. Enjoy.  

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

You can contact me here.

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New page added for Hugh Cornwell (old Stranglers front man). There is little on it at present, but this will change soon. 

Hugh Cornwell

16th February 03. 3 Men & Black Photographs with Peter & The Test Tube Babies photographs added. 


Another new page is added for Dave Berridge (NMH) and his ventures including the Without Sin Tour. 

Dave Berridge

New link added on the Links page. Adrain Wood (no relation), from the NASA band.