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Woodeye, The legend


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This is the page where I'll describe myself in a little more detail.


In this section I might talk about my age and looks, but I thought that was a little boring tedious and dull. So instead I will be udating this as a form of a diary with pictures to match.

4th January 2003.
That means 4th day of the new year for anybody that is still sleeping. I have been down to Devon to see in the new year along with Ash (from NMH). We met up with ex-NMH bassist Bob Holmes, his family, and friends. The night was good, or at least what can be remembered of it. There was some photographs taken and these can be seen on the Rob Holmes site (see the links page) for example. Ash and myself returned home on the 2nd and I had a few problems with my car. These things are here to test us arn't they?
13 days to go to Tori Amos at least that is good.    

16th February.
Sorry for the delay in this latest entry, as I have had so many things to do, in such little time (again). The Tori Amos show at the London Apollo was fantastic, as was only to be expected. Unfortunatily I was not alowed my camera, so no photographs to enter on the site, sorry. The show as I said was fantastic, my only complaint was that my favourite track, The Waitress was not played.
I did not realise that where the London Apollo was untill I got there and was near a location for a Professionals shoot on the episode "The Female Factor". When I did realise I went for a bit of a look. It looked as recognisable now as it did then.     

7th Febuary.
Peter & The Test Tube Babies played at the Vic Inn at Derby. This was part way through a tour I did not get time to mention on this site. I have not seen them for some time, but they were as good as I remember them. There is some photographs of them from this gig entered on this site. 
Also on the 14th February 3 Men & Black (featuring Jake Burns, JJ Burnell, Nick Walsh, & Pauline Black) played at the Flowerpot in Derby. JJ Burnell was due to play there, but had to pull out due to some Stranglers promotion work in Belgium and was replaced by Dave Sharp. The show was good but in my opinion not as good as the Vic Inn (Derby), from last time. There are pictures from this show also entered on this site. 

23 March.
There has been alot of events happening since my last entery here. The first one is Is Dave Berridge and NASA, on the Withoutsin Tour. Who NASA are will be explained on the NEW Dave Berridge page. This tour included some venues such as The Shed (Leicester), Golden Fleece (Nottingham) and The Victoria (Coalville). There was some dates which were unfortunatily cancelled, for example Shepards Bush Empire and N.E.C. This will be explained in more detail on the Dave Berridge Site.   
On the 10th March I saw Stiff Little Fingers, for the first time in a while at Rock City in Nottingham. This was a good night and I have some photographs for this night on this site. The gig had some old tracks and one or two new tracks played, one of which was about the late Joe Strummer.
16th of March had Hugh Cornwell playing at Derby Assembley Rooms, which was ok, but could have been better. The reason, or reasons it could have been better was for me the entire gig was on acoustic guitar, where the electric guitar would have been better on some tracks. Also I personaly think the chairs were a little unnecessary. I have some pictures from this night and these are on the Hugh Cornwell page, on this site.  
20th March saw The Bangles at London Shepards Bush Empire. I have never seen them live and I was a fan of them when I was young. Again there are some pictures of this night on the site. It was a very good night by all acounts.
The day after on the 21st March I ventured into the area of the 30's and I do not know yet if I feel different. I will have to coment on this another time. 

9th April 2003.
Nothing eventful at present. Adi Wood has created a superb new logo for me. This is far better than the logo I had originally created. Many thanks go to you. Cheers.


Taking a break from work!
No Kit Kats in sight again.

Keep Taking The Pills!

In this section you will find some bits of trivia about me, such as I am a biscuit designer. It can be fun even in that job. 



Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Citizen Kane, Clockwork Orange, Get Carter, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Mystery Men, Shawshank Redemption , The Virgin Suicides

Here's a list of some insperational people in my life along with some clasic anekdotes or quotes

Monty Python,
Jack Dee,
Morecambe & Wise,
Steve Frost Don't take drugs, you should always pay for them.
George Cowley & Bodie (The Proffesionals). What are you some kind of musical act? What ever we are you made us.
John Ellis (The Stranglers) Wibbily Wobbily Bottom.
Dave Berridge (No More Heroes) What is this tomb stuff?
Robert Holmes (Bobby Homo also from No More Heroes) The flippin flipper flippin flipped (polite version)
Stephen Harvey It is more dodgy than a dodgy thing at a dodgy convention 


3 Men & Black
L to R. Nick Walsh, Pauline Black, Jake Burns, Dave Sharp

Stiff Little Fingers
10 March 2003

Hugh Cornwell
16 March 2003

The Bangles
20 March 2003