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Dave Berridge


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Click below to see The Golden Fleece gig comence 

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This page is under construction.


On this page you will see photograhs and other information I can gather regarding Dave Berridge, his albums and any tour information. There will also be photographs when needed.  

Th present there Dave Berridge has released two albums. These are "Let Those Without Sin Cas The First Stone" & "Positivily Cynical". These albums are below.



These two albums are featured on the NMH page (if you have not seen this page look now). None of the items from here on are not.

A while ago, Dave proposed a tour to accompany these two albums, so he went out to recruit a backing band. After some time the line up ended up being friends which were local (ideal for the tour).
The line up became Niel Haywood on Keyboards, Adi Wood on Drums, Steve Dunn on guitar and Andy Raben on Bass. This group became NASA, for obvious reasons.
The next step was to secure venues, as it was playing in peoples front rooms at that point. There were in the end four venues as some venues never returned with any contact.   


2nd March 2003 The Victoria, Coalville

This was the first date of the tour and it was at The Victoria at Coalville, near Leicester. This came shortly after the rehersal at "White Rooms", which had literaly taken place just before the gig. I did not go to the rehersal, so I was keen to see what the show would be like.
The gig was very good and some good photographs were taken. A few examples of the photographs taken are below.  








This file below, is an excerpt  of "Cockroach A Go-Go" from the gig.

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This will have some more updates entered soon.